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About Us


The Windsor Division began operations in May 1979 under the leadership of President Sr.Georges Petit Hansa Ltda

The initial idea was to acquire the franchise of English tea brand Lipton International Recognition made no such acquisition is continuous with the original idea, and HANSA partners decide having their own business , as our country has raw material quality in the area of tea , the next step was to look at the packing plant name , being that the brand is everything, so that the Senior Partner Mr. Petit had a dream with the name and so TEA WINDSOR where the preparation of tea begins in the variety of tea with cinnamon and pure tea , initially had a machine similar to the model of packaging these days , brought from England, like some inputs such as filter paper , which continue to import , technology of this type of packaging is from the 50s , who came not to vary as much these days , meeting the needs of consumers .


The Windsor Division has 124 employees working committed to division into three areas Administration , Production and Marketing , which began as a dream , today it is a reality that is growing day by day.

The largest packer Bolivia infusions performed quality control , through the processes of receiving, sorting , grinding, mixing for blend 's according to customer's requirement .

We have trained human resources, packaged filter tea varieties , fulfilling requirements of quality and safety required by national and international agencies .

The variety of finished products are coded , tightly packaged to preserve the aroma and flavor are recorded in warehouses ready to be consumed and enjoyed by connoisseurs of good tea in the domestic market .

Each of the people handling his job at the packing plant tea Windsor, has made the same commitment of producers, offering the market , high tea with top quality .

The raw material of Tea originates in a magical , mysterious and remote region conducive for cultivation . Tea with legendary Bolivian identity. Women and men , youth and children , entire families build and reap the future, feel the aroma of development and progress , add color and flavor to compromise, offering families a special world , organic and natural tea .