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Sales conditions 
Legal Terms 

1. General 
Unless an special formal agreement, a request sent by the Customer implies its agreement with these general conditions of sale. 
All orders, international and national, are conducted through the services of ECA, an organization dependent of Bolivia’s Post Company. Our Virtual Shop online calculates the exact cost of shipping depending on the weight of the product and the country of destination. 
All orders have the required customs declaration and other documents attached to the sent merchandise. However, some countries may require additional documentation of the client or are assigned to duty in customs or any other destination country. In these cases, the client is fully responsible, to provide any documentation and/or payments to be made to the customs of the country where the merchandise was sent. 
The customer is responsible for information regarding the ban that could be exposed some of the products in our store in their country. Returns will not be accepted nor refunds of amounts corresponding to the return of customs destination of sent merchandise because of prohibitions in the destination country. 

3. Prices

Once you select the desired product, the price is shown in U.S. dollars. The site reserves the right to make upgrades in the prices of the store without notice. 
The total price to be displayed includes charges related to shipping. Where:




Up to 5 kg

Regular Purchase. It will continue the steps that sets the standard for the web site

Calculated based on the country of destination and the weight of the order

More than 5 kg

Special Purchase. It was guided to a form which must register their data and will be contacted by Windsor to close the sale.

Windsor communicates this information to you according to the country of destination and weight of the order.

For this system purchase/shipment we remind you that the prices quoted for shipping costs do not include import taxes (tariffs), depending on the destination country, it will be paid in cash at destination by the receiver of merchandise.
4. Methods of payment 
the site offer the following forms of payment. 

a. Credit Card 

b. Pay Pal (http://www.paypal.com)

c.. Electronic check (FxSource) 

Windsor has no access to the data from your credit card, and personal data relating to the charges are stored at 2checkout servers. 

This site redirects payments, credit cards and electronic check, through 2checkout payment gateway, payment is made in those servers. This site only knows if the payment has been made correctly or has been cancelled, but does not know any numbers or passwords.
To ensure for our customers maximum security and confidentiality in all operations, we can assure that all communications involving the transmission of data from your card are made under a secure environment SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), where information travels encrypted.
When accessing 2checkout’s page, site where clients enter their card information for the identification of the user who makes a payment by credit card over the Internet, you'll find an icon that appears on your browser, which assures you that it is in a protected area. 

5. Delivery. 
1. With the exception of a possible agreement; products catalog of this site will be served from the time of payment card or from the reception by the bank elected in Fxsource. Windsor strives to minimize delivery times; however, their delay will not involve the cancellation of the order or any compensation. 

2. The delivery is considered made since the product becomes available to the client by the carrier, or customs, depending of the laws of their country and the receiver sign the reception of delivery. The client may verify the products received and expose all the caveats and claims that may be justified. 

6. Monitoring. 
The site puts the client, a special section where they can track their order. 
Assuring confidentiality of it can be only accessed prior information with the customer identification and password registered mail during the Ordering done.
7. Terms of Claims and Returns 
In case of receive the product package with signs of have been manipulated or beaten, indicate it on the delivery note of who performed the delivery and check the merchandise in the presence of the carrier, do not sign the delivery note without having indicated these incidents despite verify that indeed their material appears to be in perfect condition. 
The client can only make a claim on the following assumptions: 
• If the quantity of products does not correspond with the amount of the order. 
• If the box has been seriously damaged in a way that affects the quality of products in which case they must communicate who delivers and do record in the delivery order. 
• If the goods received are not commensurate with the request made. 
In the case of damage on the packaging, the customer may not accept the shipment, responsible for communicating the delivery that is rejected, or accept it, indicating the defect in the delivery order and contacting Windsor, always within 24 hours.

7.1. Goods defective 
If merchandise is damaged or defective, the customer should contact the Site Administrator to solve the problem within 24 hours of receiving the product. 
Add the entire description of the damage and photos if possible (we need as much information as possible to make the claim to Courier). 
Remember to open the package in the presence of the carrier or customs agent and please write on the delivery note what deficiencies were found. 

7.2 Changes 
If the change is due to an error by the client (a mistake when making the request) Windsor will not change the Product 
If the error was the responsibility of Windsor, the customer would receive the merchandise requested with no additional cost. 

7.3 Returns 
Windsor do not give refunds. 

8. Privacy Clauses 
Windsor is committed to treating the data with the client confidentiality, and takes all necessary means within its power to do so. 
You agree that all data supplied at the time are correct and authorizes the site to incorporate them into a file in order to keep continually informed of any developments, price, technical bulletin, etc., that may be of interest. 
Windsor informs the customer to modify or cancel their data, or opposed to sending information, and so on can notify this fact through an email to the Administrator.

9. Commitments 
Windsor is committed to:

  • Verify the proper receipt of shipments by buyers.
  • Answer the claims made within less than 24 hours on weekdays and consultations within less than 72 hours in non-working days, and communicate their possible delay in the event of delays, placing the customer to a new deadline for reply estimated.
  • Do not make misleading advertising. All our business information will be rigorous, accurate and verified at the best of our ability and means to obtain it.
Do not send commercial information without identifying them as such.